Tudung Munawwarah

Tudungs Made with Love by Munawwarah

Evergreen & classic designs. Never out of Fashion.

Ameera/Iriesya - refer to the type of "Awning" 
Ameera - the classice semi hard Munawwarah awning
Maisara - Satin/Shangtung/Silk hard Munawwarah awning
Iriesya - Soft awning 

Types of Tudung Munawwarah

TudungT Lining - shortest length..covers neck with loose fit

TudungT Small - chest length

TudungT - tummy length

SelendangT - long tudung with split down the front

Tudung Tulip - Long tapered shape

Tudung Aisha - Long shape with sides till the elbow

Tudung Iris - Extra Long designed to be hooked on the head for long drapes

Shayla - Semi instant shawl

TudungT X - no awning - worn with inner